Beaver® 45

ShipSupport is IHC’s approved webshop for IHC’s Dredge Equipment components, including parts for your IHC Beaver® 45 (746 kW) cutter suction dredger. Explore our catalogue of standard Beaver 45 spare parts:
The spares listed in our catalogue are standard IHC Beaver 45 items; please check if your parts list hasn't been modified with customized parts. Would you like to create a personalized shopping environment for your vessel structure? Check out MyFleet

Buy IHC Beaver 45 spare parts at ShipSupport

ShipSupport's catalogue is a go-to source for all Beaver 45 dredger parts and consumables: Beaver 45 dredge installation parts such as cutterheads, dredge teeth, adapters and dismounting tools, as well as dredge pump wear parts: pump casings, pump impellers, nozzle liners and others. We also sell various electrical installation components (circuit breakers, fuses, relays, switches, etc.) and hydraulic components (valves, seals, etc.) used on Beaver 45 vessels. Hull Materials and Lagersmit Liquidyne seal components are also an important part of our selection. Avoid operational downtime and make sure you have sufficient stock of all necessary Beaver 45 spares. Register today

For all your Beaver 45 spare parts

We aren't a distributor of IHC Beaver 45 spare parts only – we are a complete one-stop-shop solution for the maritime industry, allowing our customers to buy and consolidate their Beaver dredger technical components with a wide selection of other hydraulicsafetyelectrical items or any type of maritime consumables required. All consolidated and shipped worldwide. 

Are you looking for a brand new IHC Beaver® 45 vessel? Contact IHC Beaver.
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