Hydraulic Power Unit

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Hydraulic Power Unit

For any major operations, hydraulic power units are at the heart of your system. Time, cost, efficiency and even safety – they’re only as good as a reliable hydraulic power source.

Hydraulic Power Units

At ShipSupport, we’ll supply all the power unit components you need to keep things running smoothly, whether you require a compact unit or a bespoke solution for a large-scale project. From quick-fix components – such as piping and pin terminals – through to complete motor pumps, controls systems and hydraulic power units we can supply everything you need to get the job done. We work with trusted manufacturers and electric hydraulic power unit specialists, such as Bosch Rexroth, to provide sector-leading technology that maximises your system power while keeping energy consumption low. Our modern equipment meets or exceeds industry standards, reducing carbon footprint and noise pollution. Lower emissions mean better performance for your whole hydraulic system, as well as efficient running and lower operating costs.
2-channel digital output product photo

Ready to ship in 5 weeks.
€ 82.00  / each
Analogue I/O Module Input product photo

Ready to ship in 2 work days.
€ 220.00  / each
Analogue I/O Module Output product photo

Ready to ship in 2 work days.
€ 224.00  / each
Bell Housing A15 110/145 M C4S7 product photo

Ready to ship in 8 weeks.
€ 859.60  / each
€ 93.96  / each
Bell Housing Bo51/L160/75/441/Lb product photo

Ready to ship in 5 weeks.
€ 78.56  / each
Bell Housing K01,M,32 product photo

Ready to ship in 12 work days.
€ 581.00  / each
Bell Housing K02,M,25Vlo product photo

Ready to ship in 12 work days.
€ 631.40  / each
Bell Housing K61,M,25Vlo product photo

Ready to ship in 12 work days.
€ 868.00  / each
Compensator Ab22-31/080-16Nm product photo

Ready to ship in 7 weeks.
€ 360.21  / each
€ 5.32  / each
Component For Installation (Switchgear Cabinet) 7185035 product photo

DK 7185035 RAL7035
Ready to ship in 12 work days.
€ 56.46  / each
Digital I/O Module Input product photo

Ready to ship in 2 work days.
€ 60.00  / each
Digital I/O Module Output product photo

Ready to ship in 16 work days.
€ 79.00  / each
€ 122.98  / each
€ 126.62  / each
€ 371.55  / each
Electronic Overload Relay 3Rb2056-1Fw2 product photo

Ready to ship in 13 work days.
€ 194.44  / each
Emergency Stop Complete M22-Pv/K01 216515 product photo

Ready to ship in 6 work days.
€ 24.89  / each
Empty Cabinet K433 1860809 product photo

Ready to ship in 6 work days.
€ 78.85  / each

Marine Hydraulic Power Unit

Working with leading names in hydraulic power unit manufacture, we provide industry-standard equipment that’s tested for marine work. As marine operations specialists, the ShipSupport team have the experience to supply complete shipboard operating solutions. Our online catalogue provides quick listings for hydraulic power units – ship ready times and availability are shown at a glance; manufacturers' part numbers make it easy to order with confidence. And if you need to check compatibility or systems suitability, our customer service team are ready to help.
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