If you require ring parts for your vessel, ShipSupport can supply the right components. Our selection of ring products features all types of ring, including O-rings, V-rings, and guide rings - so if you need to create reliable seals, there should be plenty of options.

Marine Rings

Our ring products perform multiple on-board tasks, and are the kind of part that all ship owners should keep in reserve for emergency situations. They provide effective ways to fuse together gaskets and piping, prevent leaks of heated or potentially toxic materials, and enhance the efficiency of heating and fuel distribution mechanisms. Because of the stresses placed on machinery, rings on board of a ship are constantly placed under high stresses, making regular replacement essential, When the time comes, head to ShipSupport for the right ring for every connection.

Buy Ship Rings

ShipSupport offers a simple, cheap, and reliable way to buy rings online. Our catalogue includes all major types of ring, including O-rings from major brands like IHC and Mitsubishi, along with nozzle holders and cylinder heads. Buyers can order rings for pistons, while V-rings from Eriks are available in multiple ranges. Even if the rings required aren't listed, we can still source components quickly. Just get in touch with our staff. We'll find a way for you to buy rings to any specification and deliver them to locations across the world. Whatever your vessel requires, ShipSupport can assist your technicians and find a way to ensure that every gasket is in peak condition.
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