Sealings play a crucial role in maritime operations. From protecting hydraulic fluids in engines, to transporting heating gases, or running cooling units in cargo holds, vessels rely on sealing parts to function effectively.

Sealing Products

When sourcing marine sealings, it's essential to choose reliable suppliers which can source exactly the right seals for every specific on-board component. At ShipSupport, we can provide whatever types of sealing products buyers require. Whether you need hydraulic or mechanical seals, we can ship them to locations across the globe.

Marine Sealings

ShipSupport's marine sealings catalogue features a comprehensive selection of seals for ships. So, if your vessel's maintenance is overdue, it will be an excellent source of components. Our range features bonded, cover, wiper, hydraulic, rotary, rod, and mechanical face seals, as well as flange seals for gaskets. And we only stock leading brands. If you depend on Eriks, IHC, Mitsubishi, or any other premium maritime brand, you'll find their products in our ship sealings product range. Have a look around and choose exactly the right seals for every connection on your ship.

Buy Sealings

When you need to order sealings for your vessel, choosing to buy online is a sensible decision. ShipSupport's online store makes it easy to buy sealings online. You can browse the various product categories and buy sealings that precisely meet your specifications. And if they aren't available, our team can order specific components from any leading ship sealings manufacturer. Let us know what you need, and we'll do the rest.
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