Our online store fulfils industry standards for industrial, heavy-duty use. Nozzle parts are made from reinforced high-quality plastics and metals and are lightweight for ease of use.

Nozzle Parts

Constructed from premium materials, each nozzle part in our catalogue is made from high-quality, durable materials that stand the test of time and rigorous conditions. Our pump nozzle parts are manufactured by industry stalwarts such as Mitsubishi, IHC and Bosch Rexroth. Customers can be assured of the best-quality equipment which can be used with confidence on the open sea.

On this page, you will find premium, reliable navy nozzle parts including jet water nozzles, nozzle assys, drag head nozzles, pump suction nozzle liners, and more.

Fuse Terminal Block Uk 5-Hesi 3004100

Ready to ship in 6 work days.
€ 6.21  / each

Automatic pistol, type Husky 50 ltr

Ready to ship in 9 work days.
€ 151.37  / each

Nozzle assy complete with nozzle 3786006002

Ready to ship in 6 work days.
€ 1,001.90  / each

Nozzle holder spring 3756126400

Ready to ship in 6 work days.
€ 8.28  / each

Tip assy nozzle holder 3756008400

Ready to ship in 6 work days.
€ 158.71  / each


Ready to ship in 2 work days.
€ 1.30  / each

Navy Nozzles

At ShipSupport, our hand-picked maritime experts guide our buyers to top quality products designed for the marine environment. The security and safety of ship parts and equipment is of the utmost importance in the maritime environment.

Buy nozzles online

Our customers can buy an assortment of parts from our catalogues, knowing that they can trust the equipment, workmanship and after-sale service we provide. Our full range of legacy branded nozzles make us a trusted nozzle supplier and provider of other ship supplies. When our customers buy products online, we want them to feel secure in their means of payment, safe browsing and returns policies. We trust that the different items listed in our directory will fulfil your needs and satisfy your online purchasing requirements, any time you need to buy nozzles.
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