Detection & Alarm

Detection & Alarm

All vessels must be equipped with emergency detection systems and alarms to alert crew members and passengers to possible hazards. That's why it's essential to source marine alarm systems that are effective and reliable in all conditions.

Alarm Systems

ShipSupport stocks a range of boat alarm systems for various purposes, and we've gathered together products from all major brands. If you need to keep your vessel safe, our ship alarms are the ideal way to do so.


Ready to ship in 5 weeks.
€ 296.00  / each

Detector Unit Gm w/ 2 Tubes

Ready to ship in 6 months.
€ 1,306.00  / each

Detection Systems

Efficient vessel detection systems need to be able to do two things; detect hazards and alert those on board. Our ship detectors catalogue features devices that are able to meet both core criteria. If you need a detector unit with the sensitivity to catch the smallest amount of fire smoke or a leak before it becomes a crisis, we can provide the products required. At the same time, our alarm detectors also include effective alert systems, ensuring that everyone is aware of emerging dangers.

Buy Alarm Detectors

Safety is every ship operator's number one concern, so it makes sense to buy alarm detectors regularly - before older devices begin to fail. ShipSupport's online store is the easiest place to buy ship alarm systems of all varieties. Featuring only leading brands, our store lets you order ship alarms for delivery across the world. And if the alarm you need isn't listed, we can track it down without any problems. So don't take chances with safety. Buy detector systems online for your vessel today.
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