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Gauges play a vital role in ship operations, providing essential information about on-board systems and external environments at a glance. When they malfunction, the consequences can be severe, so it's always a good idea to keep them in peak condition.

Gauge Products

ShipSupport makes it easy to source precision engineered specialty product gauges for marine applications. Whether you need engine gauges to check oil or fuel levels, or you need specialist pressure gauges, our catalogue is the ideal place to look.
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Marine Gauges

Our product range includes a wide variety of ship gauges, allowing captains to keep a close eye on the condition of their vessels. We only feature high-quality gauge designs from leading brands, so you can be confident that every product we deliver will be both accurate and durable. You'll find marine gauges to measure speed, temperature, pressure, electrical current, depth, battery levels, as well as crucial readings such as rudder angles. Our listings also include highly specialised models. So if you favour Econosto marine gauge models, we can supply the parts required.

Buy Marine Gauges

Choosing to buy gauges online is an excellent way to source the measuring tools modern vessels require. ShipSupport makes the whole process simple, and can act as a gauge supplier for all aspects of vessel operation. Just browse our catalogue or get in touch with the ShipSupport sales team. We can order models from a specific gauge manufacturer and ship parts across the world. Whenever you need to buy marine gauges, we will be the perfect partner.
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