Actuators are an essential part of keeping a ship running smoothly. These moving mechanical devices are powered by an external energy source and convert that energy into a kinetic motion. The motion can be rotary or linear in order to hold an object in position or to stop it moving. Without ship actuators no vessel could be correctly controlled.

Marine Actuator

The main types of actuator for vessels include mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and hybrid, each being generally associated with different functions:
  • Mechanical actuators are normally used for converting rotary motion to linear motion, as in pulleys and chains.
  • Pneumatic ones are more associated with the main engine controls.
  • Hydraulic is generally for dealing with heavy loads. Oil pressure is applied to give output. For example, in a ship’s steering gear, the rudder is moved in this fashion
  • Electricals are the cleanest actuators and actuate using magnetic fields and not oil.
  • Hybrids are a mix of some of the above. A common example is the thermo-hydraulic electronic actuators utilised in operating valves.

Speed counter

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Round Indicator

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Actuator Electric

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You can find and buy actuators in the Motion and hydraulic equipment section of our catalogue. When you buy a marine actuator online from ShipSupport, you can be sure you are buying from trusted, respected suppliers. We understand the importance of having high-quality onboard equipment. All the products are designed to be in accordance with the EU’s CE mark, engineering directives, and other third-party rules and regulations
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