Winches are an essential part of on-board equipment for all kinds of vessels, from international cargo carriers to small fishing craft.

Hydraulic Winches

ShipSupport offers an easy way to find a hydraulic winch for all maritime applications, From designs suited to heavy duty cargo manipulation, to a small hydraulic boat winch for pleasure vessels, our selection covers all models and varieties.
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€ 2.20  / each
€ 12,759.60 - € 13,385.82

Marine Winches

Few pieces of equipment are as vital to ship operation as marine winch products. From mooring vessels to hauling in fishing nets, a smoothly functioning, reliable ship winch is something few boat operators can do without. At ShipSupport, we know that you require the most reliable marine winch models available. No operator can afford regular malfunctions and equipment failure in such a key part of their on-board systems. That's why we partner with leading marine electric winch brands like IHC Hytop to deliver products that won't let mariners down.

Buy Winches

Choosing to buy a winch online makes sense for any maritime operator, and the ShipSupport catalogue is the first place to look. Our listings cover all types of winch and every major brand, if you have specific requirements in mind, you should be able to buy a winch online which meets your criteria. We can't carry every model, all the time. However, if you find a hydraulic winch for sale elsewhere that we don't stock, we will happily order it for shipping anywhere in the world. Just say the word, and we'll find whatever equipment you require.
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