Pipes & Hoses

If your pipe flanges need an overhaul, or you've detected a flaw and need to source a particular steel pipe fitting, ShipSupport is the place to purchase the right components.

Steel Pipe Elements

Our marine catalogue features all of the piping products vessel owners could need. From steel pipe flanges and fittings, to full-length stainless steel pipes, we can supply vital components of the highest quality.

Marine Pipes

Pipes are always a vulnerability with on-board equipment setups, whether they are involved in hydraulics or heating systems. So it's vital that marine pipes are kept in peak condition. The ShipSupport product range makes it easy to do so. We carry all major brands of marine hydraulic hoses and marine pipe flanges, including essentials like couplings that every vessel should keep in reserve. If they are struggling with a steel pipe fitting, ship owners can find exactly the right flange or coupling for their ship hoses.

Buy Pipe Elements Online

Crucial on-board systems rely on flawless pipe connections, so don't take risks when you buy pipe elements. ShipSupport makes it simple to source replacement components for ship overhauls. Whether you have to replace hoses entirely, or you're seeking to buy pipe flanges to secure existing piping, we have the components required. We only stock leading component brands, so when you buy pipe fittings from ShipSupport, high quality is guaranteed. This includes the option to buy online hoses, and we can also order specific ship hoses if required. Whatever your needs, our team can supply the right marine equipment.
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