You can buy a variety of marine coupling parts at ShipSupport and be assured of the high quality and durability of all your purchases. It's important to buy the right industrial shaft couplings for marine applications, as all shaft couplings need to have the ability to expand or contract due to harsh environmental factors. When you team up with ShipSupport for all your marine parts you can rest assured of the high quality of all our products as we always source top brands that are compliant with all legislative requirements.
€ 21.00  / each

Block Rubber Wulfo Coupling Type no. 5-6

Ready to ship in 6 weeks.
€ 25.00  / each

Block Set N-Eupex. ELASTOMER F

Ready to ship in 2 work days.
€ 75.00  / each

Marine Couplings

Marine shaft couplings from ShipSupport offer a range of benefits, including:
  • corrosion-protection to suit the harshest environmental conditions
  • easy fitting with just one spanner or torque wrench required for any installation
  • noise reduction due to resilience of gasket or block rubber fitments
Block rubber vessel couplings are ideal for marine applications as they have the ability to accommodate multi-directional movement. Browse the entire range of couplings available at ShipSupport to find out more.

Buy couplings online

Teaming up with ShipSupport is the ideal solution if you need to buy a coupling online and you can rest assured that you're partnering with one of the best couplings suppliers in the market. Find out more when you access our parts catalogue online or speak with one of our expert Live Chat advisers. If we don't stock the couplings you need, we'll add them to our inventory.
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