At ShipSupport, we believe that safety is more than just products. It's about understanding your safety options and what’s required to send your crew home safe at the end of each day. It’s about assessing your facility, engineering out hazards, applying administrative controls and supplying the proper personal protective equipment for the job.

Safety Equipment

Safety is one of the most important pillars in the maritime world. To make sure the team is safe at all times and the working conditions are suitable for a productive working environment, we offer a growing range of products available online. In case there is a special safety product you would like to recommend to your colleagues, let us know right away.

Buy Safety Equipment Online

On ShipSupport, you’ll find a rapidly raising collection of safety equipment, such as ESCHBACH fire hoses. This particular fire hose is designed to meet the numerous requirements of fire brigades, disaster protection and marine applications. That’s why all ESCHBACH hoses are made by well trained and experienced staff using high-quality materials as well as advanced production technologies. The fire hoses are made of high-quality materials to assure good weather and ageing resistance and therefore being suitable for all climate zones. The rubber- and PU-lined hoses are manufactured using the “Through-the-weave-extrusion-process” for excellent adhesion, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

ShipSupport is a global supplier of maritime equipment shipping to our customers anywhere around the globe. If you are looking for safety equipment, make sure to check our entire catalogue for great prices and special offers. In case the safety equipment you are looking for is not available in our assortment, contact us right away and let us know what you are missing. Our customer support team is always available to help!
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