Shaft Seals

From dredge pump shaft seal springs for seal and shaft seal lip seals to complete dredge pump shaft seal assemblies for the Lagersmit’s Liquidyne systems. Our Shaft Seals Catalogue is a place to purchase all Lagersmit Sealing Solutions elements needed on your dredger. Explore our wide range of dredge pump shaft seal assemblies, end rings, flange rings, grooved bushes, intermediate rings, lip seals and shaft seal springs for seal:

Our Dredge Pump Shaft Seals Catalogue

ShipSupport's catalogue is a go-to resource for all critical dredge pump shaft seals, enabling owners to keep their dredger working. Our selection of Lagersmit’s Liquidyne seals for heavy-duty dredge pumps includes:

  • Complete dredge pump shaft seal assemblies
  • Dredge pump shaft seal end rings & flange rings
  • Dredge pump shaft seal grooved bushes
  • Dredge pump shaft seal intermediate rings
  • Dredge pump shaft seal lip seals
  • Dredge pump shaft seal spring for seals

If you would like to know how to monitor the condition of your Liquidyne system shaft seal, please go to THIS knowledge center article and if you are missing a specific Liquidyne product in our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buy Lagersmit’s Liquidyne shaft seals at ShipSupport

We do everything to keep your dredger operational. ShipSupport offers the easiest possible way to source all shaft seals, alongside a wide range of Dredge Pump and Jet Pump parts and other dredging equipment: Drag HeadDredging Gate Valve PartsCutter HeadsCutter Teeth and others. Consolidate these with and any other hydraulicelectrical components or maritime tools and consumables your vessel crews require. Our prices are always listed online, ordering is easy and we deliver your orders worldwide. Do you have a question about our services or our products or are you missing a certain Lagersmit’s Liquidyne component? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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