Dredge Line Components

When purchasing dredge line components, you need to be sure of their durability and performance, even during the toughest dredging projects. ShipSupport's range of dredge line machinery contains dredging components that will keep your project on track. Our dredge line parts are backwards compatible to fit with existing systems and tested to the latest industry standards. From must-have system spares like gate valves, ball turning glands to dredge hoses, floaters, and pipes - we have versatile dredging line equipment that’s ready to go.

For All Your Dredge Line Needs

We specialize in supplying dredge line components for specialist operations around the globe. Whether you need a new IHC RR Gate Valve or gate valve components such as bearing bushes and gaskets- you will find these in our webshop. We also offer 10 bar expansion joints with different diameters, reducer joints and a range of dredging hoses, pipes, and floaters. If your need ICH dredge line equipment- ShipSupport is the place to shop. Our clear and simple catalogue gives you the key specifications for your dredging equipment at a glance, as well as any logistical information. 

Buy Dredge Line Components at ShipSupport

We do everything to keep your dredging equipment operational. ShipSupport offers the easiest possible way to purchase not only TSHD components but also CSD parts and a wide range of over 1 million dredging and offshore productshydraulicelectrical components or any type of maritime consumables. All consolidated and shipped worldwide. Our experts will be happy to assess and supply your needs. Do you have a question or are you missing a certain dredge line component? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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