Dredge Pump and Jet Pump parts

At ShipSupport, we understand that the material to be dredged is almost always abrasive, sometimes to extremes. The threat of wear does not so much lie in the direct cost of an item to be replaced, but in the resulting downtime due to installation, in the case of both larger and smaller vessels. To avoid downtime and make sure your vessel and equipment is in top shape for years to come, order dredge pumps and jet pumps in time for your next maintenance job! An installation which is not working while undergoing maintenance or repair can cost many times more than a worn part. Therefore pump casings, impellers and wear plates are available in extremely wear-resistant materials like MaXidur 5. If you have a question regarding dredge pumps or marine jet pumps, our customer support team would love to help!

Dredge Pumps for Sale

Dredge pumps lie at the heart of the dredging challenge. Their power, capacity, resistance to wear and malfunction, and general robust and reliable character are essential features. On ShipSupport.com, you will find a wide range of centrifugal dredge pumps which are long proven to be highly successful in the transport of abrasive mixtures. These pumps can be delivered in three different configurations:
  • Heavy Duty: a double-walled pump construction fully equipped with interchangeable wear parts. Excellent configuration for the most demanding operations.
  • Performance: a single-walled construction furnished with, where possible, replaceable wear parts. An all-purpose dredge pump and balanced option as regards weight, size and replaceable wear parts.
  • Easy: for operations that are less demanding. This is a single-walled construction without any replaceable wear parts - a pump construction with as few components as possible.
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