Dredge Pump and Jet Pump parts

Dredge pumps are the heart of every hydraulic dredger. Their role is vital, as dredge pumps create a vacuum that sucks the material from the seabed up into a suction pipe and later discharge it. The impeller creates a centrifugal force, which causes the vacuum to suck up the slurry, so an efficient operation of hydraulic (suction) dredger depends to a great extent on its pump. Being so important, it is necessary to find a reliable source of spare dredge pump casings, impellers, bushes, shaft seals and other vital dredge pump spares. 

Buy Dredge Pump Components In Our Maritime One-Stop-Shop

At ShipSupport, we understand that the material to be dredged is almost always abrasive, sometimes to extremes. The threat of wear does not so much lie in the direct cost of an item to be replaced, but in the resulting downtime due to installation, in the case of both larger and smaller vessels. To avoid downtime and make sure your vessel and dredging equipment are in top shape for years to come, it is important to order dredge pump spare parts in time for your next maintenance job. Whether you need dredge pump assembly tools, bearing blocks, LAGERSMIT Liquidyne shaft seals or IHC pump casings - we have it in our catalog. 

We keep your hydraulic dredger working

ShipSupport is there to keep your equipment working. We provide users with an easy way to purchase their dredging components easier and faster. From small bolts and plugs to impellers propellers and casings – all components, no matter the size, can be purchased online. Users can not only order with ease but also enjoy full transparency of unit prices, transport costs and ready-to-ship times. Is the mentioned ready-to-ship time too long? Contact us – we will do our best to improve it. We will also arrange delivery of your component to a chosen destination worldwide.

ShipSupport is an innovative one-stop-shop with over 1M of maritime products. When shopping for dredge pump components do not forget to explore also the full catalogue of our Dredging & Offshore Equipment such as Excavation or Discharge Components and any other spares and consumables your crew might need. 

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