Cutter Teeth

Explore our complete catalogue of high-quality flared, narrow and pick-point cutter teeth, as well as suitable adapters and dismounting tools. If you need assistance choosing the right set of teeth for your cutter head and soil type, please check our simply explained Buyer's Guide to Cutter Teeth.

Tooth - 10-CB-F

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 28.00  / each

Tooth - 10-CB-FLT

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 33.00  / each

Tooth - 10-CB-N

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 25.00  / each

Tooth - 10-CB-P

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 20.00  / each

Tooth - 20-CB-F2

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 55.00  / each

Tooth - 20-CB-N

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 44.00  / each

Tooth - 20-CB-P

Ready to ship in 8 work days.
€ 50.00  / each

Tooth - 30-CB-F2

Ready to ship in 5 months.
€ 72.00  / each

Tooth - 30-CB-P

Ready to ship in 5 months.
€ 55.00  / each

Tooth - 44D14

Ready to ship in 4 months.
€ 115.00  / each

DET Spike IB42A-001 - 0

Ready to ship in 4 months.
€ 37.00  / each

DET Tooth 34D11-3 - Flared

Ready to ship in 4 months.
€ 95.00  / each

Buy Cutter Teeth, Adapters and Tools at ShipSupport

Choose the right size and shape of dredge teeth, adapters and tools from our comprehensive catalogue. The ShipSupport catalogue is a go-to resource for marine cutting and dredging components, enabling owners to keep on-board systems in peak condition, whether they are dredging channels, moving rubble, or carrying out land reclamation. We can also supply dredge excavation dismounting tools to remove dredge teeth easily, and find specific teeth or adapters to enable vessel owners to carry out like for like replacements. There are dredge teeth for various soil type and cutter heads, and all of them offer excellent wear resistance - ensuring a high-level of performance and durability.

We Keep Your Cutter Suction Dredger Working

We do everything to keep your dredging equipment operational. ShipSupport offers the easiest possible way to buy cutter teeth, dredge teeth, and cutter teeth adapters. Customers can save up to 20% thanks to our attractive volume discounts and enjoy full cost transparency up to their final destination. We consolidate your orders and ship them worldwide, for attractive shipping charges. We are an innovative maritime one-stop-shop with over 1M spares listed online. When ordering cutter teeth and adapters, make sure to explore our entire range of dredging and offshore products, as well as any other hydraulic partselectrical components or maritime consumables your vessel might need. 

Do you have a question about our service, our products or are you missing any model from a brand which we carry? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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