Cutter Head

The right cutter suction dredger head is vital to the efficient and timely execution of any dredging project. In case of a consistent soil, you might want to improve the efficiency by using a cutter head engineered for exactly that specific soil type, however, if your project site consists of different soil types, flexibility and speed in adjusting to the right excavating method become more important. In this case, an advisable solution would be using multipurpose cutter heads, which can be easily equipped with pick points, or chisels, depending on the soil requirements. 

€ 99,742.50  / each
€ 28,411.50  / each
€ 129,000.30  / each
€ 26,598.00  / each
€ 99,742.50  / each
€ 25,872.60  / each
€ 10,397.00  / each
€ 31,675.80  / each
€ 31,555.00  / each
€ 91,037.70  / each
€ 119,449.20  / each
€ 34,577.40  / each
€ 29,136.90  / each
€ 107,721.90  / each
€ 83,179.20  / each
€ 96,961.80  / each
€ 37,841.70  / each
€ 107,721.90  / each
€ 15,475.20  / each
€ 104,699.40  / each

Purchase dredger cutter heads online

ShipSupport's selection of cutter heads includes cutter heads from IHC, with heavy-duty and light-duty models such as the Lancelot® to choose from. Customers can also purchase multipurpose heads, allowing them to take on packed sand, gravel, or stiff clay if required. Whether your project consists of maintaining shipping channels, dredging sand, clay or rock, you will find the right tools for the job by checking out the Dredging & Offshore selection offered by ShipSupport. And, if you are just looking for new cutter teeth, feel free to explore our Cutter Teeth Catalogue as well as our useful Buyer's Guide to Cutter Teeth, helping customers make sure they are purchasing the right model.

Do you need assistance in choosing the right cutter head for your upcoming project? Our customer support team is eager to help!

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