Excavation Equipment

The performance of a cutter suction dredger vessel depends to a great extent on the choice and condition of its excavation equipment. In our Excavation Equipment catalogue, you are now easily able to find and purchase an entire new cutter head with the same ease you can restock your cutter teeth, tools & adapters.

From Cutter Teeth to Cutter Heads

ShipSupport's marine excavation equipment selection includes cutter heads from IHC, with light-duty and heavy-duty models like the Lancelot to choose from. Customers can purchase multi-purpose heads or cutter heads engineered to be most effective with a particular soil type. ShipSupport is also the easiest way to find, purchase and stock on all shapes of cutter teethadapters and dismounting tools for locking pins & teeth. By ordering in bulk, users can frequently take advantage of attractive volume discounts. As teeth are subject to wear, make sure you will always have enough stock on board.


Buy Excavating Equipment for Your Hydraulic Dredger Vessels at ShipSupport

We work closely with manufacturing partners to ensure that every tool or component is engineered to last, while conforming to all applicable safety and quality standards. So, you can be confident that any maritime excavation products in our catalogue will perform the tasks required. This page offers a selection of marine excavation equipment, including a variety of cutter heads, cutter teeth and adapters required for hydraulic operation. They can be combined with dredge line components, dredge pump spares, discharge equipment, and loading tools, giving dredger operators the capability to tackle any dredging projects with ease. Contact us, and we'll help you to find the right mix of excavation equipment for your needs.


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