Discharge Equipment

If you need to discharge dredged material quickly and safely from your vessel, you need the sturdiest and more wear-resistant discharge equipment - whether you use a barge to unload, a bow connection or your hopper bottom discharge systems. We supply IHC dredge discharge equipment, suited for all IHC build dredgers, both cutter suction dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers.

Choose the Right Dredge Discharge Equipment

Our portfolio of dredge discharge equipment includes everything vessel managers require to ensure smooth operation. We offer resilient, precision-engineered components for barge loading hoses and arms, allowing managers to guard against discharge malfunctions, and keeping material flows constant at all times. If you are engaged in land reclamation or beach construction operations, we also stock high-quality bow connection equipment. And our collection also includes a variety of hopper bottom discharge products, with jet water nozzles, non-return valves, and general component pins all part of the mix. Whether you are clearing channels for shipping or building sea defenses, our equipment will fit the bill.

Buy Discharge Equipment from a Supplier You Can Trust

When they are working at full capacity, discharge systems are highly demanding, with powerful forces that can easily damage or wear down your equipment. If you need like for like replacements of key components, you can order from our catalog, but it's also possible to request specific components from the brands we carry. If you are missing a certain component in our Dredging & Offshore catalogue, contact us and we will get back to you shortly. 

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