Drag Head

Dragheads are the first part of a dredger that first touches the seafloor, kickstarting the entire removal process. There are various designs of dragheads, with draghead components varying depending on the materials being removed. Without regular maintenance and the replacement of faulty elements of the draghead, hopper dredger operations can experience delays and added costs. This makes it essential to purchase the right draghead parts whenever they are needed.

Source your Draghead Parts at ShipSupport

At ShipSupport, we make it easy to purchase the components needed to ensure that trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) operators can run their vessels without a hitch. Our range of draghead parts includes teeth and teeth adapters allowing buyers to swap out run down teeth with ease. Buyers can select the right drag head nozzles and thread sockets, with specifications to suit all common configurations, wear pieces vary from 150mm to 250mm, while buyers will also find accessories like head fenders, dismounting tools, and locking pins. All draghead related products on offer come from Royal IHC, guaranteeing high levels of quality and reliability.

Order Draghead Parts and Accessories Online

Ordering online is the ideal way to purchase drag head equipment for commercial dredging operations. When you buy products from ShipSupport, we can ship them anywhere in the world, and productsd will be dispatched as quickly as possible. We can also carry out custom orders of components that aren't listed in our catalogue, so if you have specific drag head requirements, don't hesitate to ask. Buying online is quick and convenient. Just browse our catalogue, find the components you need, and place an order. ShipSupport's team will do the rest.
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