Dredging & Offshore

At ShipSupport, we understand that in challenging dredging and offshore environments, having access to the best technology and the latest parts is vital.  On this page, you’ll find a wide selection of necessary dredging equipment to build, modify and upgrade hydraulic and mechanical dredgers, including a variety of cutter heads, cutter teeth, and adaptors. They can be combined with dredge pump and discharge equipment components as well as loading tools, giving ship operators the capability to tackle any dredging projects with ease. Check out also our newly added Offshore Equipment selection containing a range of diving and hyperbaric equipment: diving communication, heat exchangers, pressure reducers, lighting, and other related products. 

Buy Dredge Parts and Equipment at ShipSupport

Your new excavation, loading and discharge equipment, as well as a dredge pump components, are one click away. Find the right dredging equipment in ShipSupport’s online shop to keep your cutter suction dredger and trailing suction hopper dredger running for years to come. We offer, among others, a wide range of dredge equipment manufactured in The Netherlands by Royal IHC, a company considered to be the market leader for the design and manufacture of efficient and integrated dredgers and dredging equipment.


We keep your dredger working

ShipSupport is a global supplier of maritime equipment shipping to our customers anywhere around the globe. If you are looking for dredge equipment, make sure to check our entire catalog for great prices and special offers. In case the dredging equipment you are looking for is not available in our assortment or in case you need assistance - contact us - and we'll help you to find the right mix of excavation equipment for your needs.

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