Oil coolers

If you want your boat's engines to remain in peak condition for as long as possible, sourcing a dependable hydraulic oil cooler is essential.

Hydraulic Cooler Products

When engines overheat, an oil cooler will kick in, ensuring that temperatures remain within acceptable limits. Not all coolers have the capability to perform reliably in extreme conditions, but with ShipSupport that's not a problem. Every model in our catalogue comes from a leading hydraulic oil cooler manufacturer, ensuring excellent performance, all the time.
€ 16.66 - € 4,125.11
Oil-air cooler OK-ELC1H/1.0/400V/1/S product photo

Ready to ship in 19 work days.
€ 574.90  / each

Marine Oil Cooler

A good marine engine oil cooler will keep both transmission oil and the engine itself as cool as possible, even when vessels are at full speed. This makes huge technical demands on a boat oil cooler, including excellent corrosion resistance and build quality. With a marine oil cooler installation from ShipSupport, corrosion won't be an issue. Our HYDAC clamps, air coolers and heat exchangers are engineered to deal with seawater and extreme temperatures. These high performance marine oil cooler models won't leave your motor struggling when you need to step on the gas.

Buy Oil Coolers

When you come to buy hydraulic oil cooler equipment, finding reliable suppliers is absolutely essential. This isn't an area where spending less saves money. A good cooler will be cost-effective on engine repairs and replacements. That's why it makes sense to order an oil cooler online from ShipSupport. Our team can talk you through the various options, order any specific models that aren't currently listed, and ship equipment for installation across the world. It's the smart way to update your engine cooling systems.
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