Transmitters & Switches

Transmitters & switches are important components of hydraulic systems. By tracking and responding to variances they help monitor the condition of the system, prevent system damages and expensive breakdowns. Explore our wide range of hydraulic pressure, level and flow rate transmitters and switches from most reliable brands.


Your Supplier of Quality Switches and Transmitters for Marine Applications

 Our product range includes among others:

  • Hydac pressure transmitters (pressure transducers, or sensors) including multiple models from the HDA 4300- series, specially developed for relative pressure measurement in the low-pressure range, as well as pressure transducer HDA 4400-, HDA4700- HDA 4800 and HAD 7440 series
  • Electronic pressure switches containing Hydac EDS 1600, EDS 1700, EDS 3300, EDS 3400 and other series
  • Hydac HNT level transmitters
  • Hydac FS, FSK, HNS, FSKV level switches.

All quality switches and transmitters can now be easily ordered, consolidated and delivered worldwide on one order. Each sensor and each switch is listed with a transparent price and estimated ready-to-ship time. Is the estimated lead time too long? Give us a call and we will check the possibilities of improving it.


Buy Quality Switches and Transmitters at ShipSupport

ShipSupport offers the easiest possible way to source switches and transmitters, together with a wide range of other hydraulic system components. Feel free to explore our entire Hydraulics catalogue as well as the selection of Maritime SafetyElectrical or Tools and Consumables. There is no need to look for a local supplier of sensors and switches near your project site – we will consolidate your order and ship it worldwide. Do you have a question about our service, our products or are you missing a certain type in our online catalogue? We will be able to supply these too, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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