Galvanic anodes are vastly used in the maritime industry. The role of marine anodes is to prevent vital metallic components, structures, and equipment from corrosion. Explore our range of magnesium anodes (Mg), aluminum anodes (Al) zinc anodes (Zn) in different sizes and types. If you would like to learn more about the kinds of anodes and how they work, please refer to our Buyer’s Guide to Anodes.

Our Range of Magnesium, Aluminum and Zinc anodes

Prevent corrosion, damages, and breakdowns by replacing boat anodes regularly and make sure you always have sufficient stock of anodes at hand. Our marine anodes have different shapes and can be purchased as blocks, bars, rods, discs, plates or collars, depending on where and how they should be installed. We offer a wide range of Tecnoseal sacrificial anodes: disc and bar-shaped rudder and trim tab anodes, hull and transom anodes, collar shaped shaft and propeller anodes and engine anodes for different engine brands and models. In our catalogue you will also find anode sets complete with plugs, pads, and bolts.

Buy Anodes for Boats and Vessels at ShipSupport

Ship Support a convenient way to restock galvanic anodes and fittings fast. Whether you are looking for bolt-on or weld-on anodes, we have them. When restocking anodes explore also our entire catalogue of relevant maritime Tools & ConsumablesElectrical itemsHydraulic or Maritime Safety Products and buy all products you need on one combined order. We are a maritime one-stop-shop and what sets us apart is transparency. We do not have any registration fees and no matter which maritime products you are looking for– our prices and shipping costs to the final destination are always easy to check online. We will consolidate your order and deliver it worldwide. Do you have a question about our services, our cathodic protection products or are you missing a certain anode type? Contact our Customer Service and we will get back to you shortly.   

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