Pipes and floaters

Transportation of soil to the discharge location is an important part of a dredging process. ShipSupport’s Pipe and Floaters catalogue is the place to go for reliable Deriplast floating line components. Different types of floaters and hoses are available on our webshop to ensure a highly efficient discharge process. Explore our range of reliable Deriplast floaters and HDPE pipes, all of which are listed with transparent prices and estimated lead times.  

Our Dredge Line HDPE Pipes & Floaters

ShipSupport's catalogue is a go-to resource for dredging line components, enabling owners to keep their dredge line systems in peak condition. Our selection includes reliable, wear-resistant Deriplast floaters with inside diameters ranging from 250 to 1100mm., as well as PE100 dredge line pipes in different sizes and lengths. The right pipes and floaters can now be selected using our handly filters, consolidated and delivered worldwide on one order. Each floater and each pipe is listed with a transparent price and estimated lead time. Is the estimated lead time too long? Give us a call and we will check the possibilities of improving it.

Buy Dredge Line Floaters and HDPE Pipes at ShipSupport

We do everything to keep your dredging equipment operational. ShipSupport offers the easiest possible way to source Dredge Line PE100 hoses and floaters alongside a wide range of Dredging Equipment: Drag Head, Dredge Pump Components, Dredging Gate Valve Parts, and others. Consolidate these with and any other electrical componentsmaritime tools and consumables your vessel crews require. Do you have a question about our service, our products or are you missing a certain dredge line component? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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