About ShipSupport

ShipSupport is a Netherlands-based corporate scale-up, powered by Royal IHC. Following our customer’s need for a transparent eCommerce platform, IHC joined forces with its network of trusted global suppliers to create a new kind of experience for our clients in the maritime industry. For centuries, we have been gathering knowledge and building a robust global network of trusted associates. Our efforts resulted in a new kind of business founded on transparency and long-lasting collaborations.

At ShipSupport.com, we see how digital innovation reshaped every aspect of our daily lives and recognised its enormous potential for the maritime industry. Customers today are used to a different kind of digital transparency, allowing open competition resulting in more significant achievements.

ShipSupport provides our clients with a convenient and transparent one-stop-shop, we all grew accustomed to in our daily lives. We believe ordering spare parts should be a simple and efficient process, available at all times and accessible around the globe. Allowing our clients to keep their business operational and successful for years to come is reflected in everything we do. We are in it for the long run. We understand that having access to the best equipment and the latest technologies is vital. Just let us know about your vessel structure, and we will provide you with individually tailored products directly available in our online catalogue. ShipSupport isn’t just a place to order spare parts and services, but an online hub where like-minded individuals can share their knowledge, experience and help each other to get the best out of their vessels and equipment.

Join ShipSupport here and get 10% discount on your first order.

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